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Our Team

Our Team

Gary Peckham
Co-Founder & CEO

Gary founded Dikai Industrial in 2004. Gary serves as the CEO with over fifteen years of experience in engineering, project and production management, manufacturing, trade and export. Since being in China he has successfully taught himself to speak Chinese and has also achieved an extensive knowledge of Chinese business culture giving him a great advantage in all his every day work. He brings an unyielding focus on customer satisfaction and a passion for quality manufacturing solutions that has been a corner stone of the company's success. He continually works to improve products and designs striving to meet all his customers' requirements and needs.

Judy Zhu
General Manager

Judy Zhu entered in to partnership with Gary at Dikai Industrial in 2005 together they have been active in all parts of the business and the company's growth. Judy serves as the General Manager with extensive experience in the diamond and gemmological tools industry, manufacturing and trade. She is fluent in English and an essential part of the Chinese side of the company with excellent sales and negotiation skills. She has helped to give Dikai Industrial the international clientele that it has today. With a wonderful positive attitude and great understanding of foreign business she is constantly committed to fulfilling all of the company's customer's individual needs.

Megan Zhu
Manager of Sales & Quality Assurance

Megan leads the company's sales division and quality Assurance, although she is relativity new in these fields she excels in all that she does and is a great asset to the company. She is fluent in English and with Judy's excellent training skills has learnt to maintain and keep Dikai Industrials sales to the excellent standard it is today. She also has been a great asset to the company's quality assurance working alongside Gary to improve the quality of manufacturing  & QC throughout Dikai Industrial.