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Rechargeable LED & UV Loupe
Loupe Lens: 10 x 20.5mm, colour: Six different colours, or any pantone colour is avalable at MOQs.

Item No: DK09103
Packaged in brown case. It comes with mains power adaptor and USB lead for charging.

Our illuminated rechargeable LED/ UV Loupe has been designed as a high quality loupe which combines the perfect colour and distortion free lens with the convenience of a bright LED & UV light source. You can easily recharge this loupe using a USB or mains adaptor so there is no need for constant battery change. The loupe can be used constantly for up to thirty minutes and only takes an hour to re-charge. You can switch between UV and LED easily or just turn off the light source and use as a standard loupe. Logo printing or engraving is available subject to an MOQ.

  • Small & Compact
  • High quality triplet 10x 20.5mm colour and distortion free lens
  • USB & Mains Rechargeable
  • 6 bright LEDS allowing clear quality viewing
  • 6 bright UV LEDS allowing you to view the fluorescence in diamonds
  • Can be finished any colour of your choice
  • Supplied with a stylish carry case
  • USB recharge lead and neck strap
  • Optional presentation packaging available

China Patented: ZL 2010 2 0123707.9