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DK08100 - Inscription Loupe 18x

Item No: DK08100

Diamond Loupes / Gem Loupes


Diamond loupes are primary tools for the dealer or jeweller therefore at GemTrue we supply a large selection of high quality Diamond Loupes with the finest three piece bonded lenses for distortion-free viewing and extra sharpness, our lenses have minimal distortion around the edge and are corrected for colour distortion. Each comes in a leather case and individually boxed. We can provide printing or engraving of your logo and company information on the loupes, and embossing of your logo onto the leather case. Excellent for promotional gifts! We also supply a range of loupe chains.


Inscription Loupe


An inscription loupe is a convenient way for a customer to see the engraving details or writing on the girdle of a diamond. This inscription loupe comes in 18x lens and blue colour.

DK08100 - Inscription Loupe 18x

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