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DK10100-9000 - New Multi Combo Testing Set!

New Multi Combo Testing Set!


At GemTrue we’re now offering our two best testers as a one kit offer! This combo set will allow you to test Natural Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, Moissanite and Ruby/Sapphire!


By using the Gemtrue Experior Diamond and Moissanite tester (DK9000) you can test a stone to see if it’s a natural diamond, moissanite, ruby/sapphire or CZ.


You then can use the Gemtrue Veritas (DK10100) to test any of the Diamond or Moissanite to clarify if they are natural diamond or CVD/HPHT/Type IIa or Moissanite.


Finally, you can also use the Gemtrue Multi Experior (DK9000) to distinguish between CVD or HPHT as CVD will show up as Diamond and HPHT will show up as Moissanite on the Multi Experior tester.


Note that the Gemtrue Veritas will only test lose stones.


This combination kit offer is now available to purchase please enquire for more details!


Don’t miss this excellent deal.

DK10100-9000 - New Multi Combo Testing Set!

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