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DK108 – Diamond Shape Master set

Diamond Shape Master set – 12 Different Shapes


Item Number: DK108A

Product size:200x46x20mm

Weight: 0.142kg

Dive into the world of exquisite diamond shapes with our carefully curated selection:

  • Round 9mm
  • Princess 9mm
  • Emerald 10x8mm
  • Asscher 9x9mm
  • Marquise 14x7mm
  • Oval 11x8mm
  • Radiant 10x8mm
  • Pear 7x11mm
  • Heart 9x9mm
  • Cushion 10x8mm
  • Baguette 9x9mm
  • Trilliant 9x9mm



Item Number: DK108B

Product size:203 x 60 x 20mm

Weight: 0.210kg

  • Round 6.5mm
  • Princess 5.5mm
  • Emerald 7x5mm
  • Asscher 5.5x5.5mm
  • Marquise 10x5mm
  • Oval 8x6mm
  • Radiant 7x5mm
  • Pear 8x6mm
  • Heart 6.5x6.5mm
  • Cushion 6x6mm
  • Baguette 5x7mm
  • Trilliant 8x7mm


The Diamond Shape Master Set – a captivating ensemble featuring 12 distinct diamond shapes that redefine elegance and versatility. Crafted to inspire creativity and exploration, this master set is a must-have for jewelry designers, gem enthusiasts, and collectors alike.


Each stone is meticulously crafted to showcase the unique characteristics of its shape, allowing you to explore and appreciate the diversity of diamond design. From the classic brilliance of the Round to the romantic allure of the Heart and the geometric precision of the Asscher, this master set invites you to experiment and create bespoke jewelry pieces that reflect your individual style.


Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these diamonds are the perfect medium for expressing your creativity and passion for exceptional gemstones. Elevate your design process and explore the endless possibilities with our Diamond Shape Master Set – a stunning collection that encapsulates the timeless beauty of these mesmerizing gemstones.

DK108 – Diamond Shape Master set

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