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DK16012-200 Diamond Loupe GemTrue - The Loupe- High Grade Edition

Introducing The NEW Loupe from GemTrue - Your Ultimate Loupe for the Jewelry Industry - High Grade Lens Edition 


Experience the future of gemstone inspection with "The Loupe" from GemTrue, meticulously engineered to be the ultimate viewing tool for the jewelry industry. This professional loupe is your indispensable companion, offering unparalleled precision and clarity for gemstone examinations.


With achromatic and aplanatic properties, The Loupe sets a new standard for image quality and precise color representation. Its Ø20.5mm lens and x10 magnification provide you with the power to scrutinize gemstones with extraordinary detail, revealing their true brilliance.


The Loupe's advanced lens system ensures full clarity and an improved depth of focus, surpassing the capabilities of standard loupes. Say goodbye to distortion and embrace sharp, clear, edge-to-edge viewing. Every intricate detail is now at your fingertips.


At GemTrue, we go beyond excellence by including a branded lanyard, ensuring your essential tool is always within reach during inspections. The accompanying PU leather carry case offers both protection and portability, keeping your loupe safe and ready for use wherever your journey takes you.


Perfect your gemstone inspections with The Loupe from GemTrue. This essential viewing tool guarantees precise color representation, exceptional image quality, and the ability to uncover the hidden brilliance of gemstones effortlessly. Step into the future of gemstone viewing - order The Loupe from GemTrue today!


Item No: DK16012-200


Upgrade your gemstone inspections with The Loupe from GemTrue


  • Achromatic & aplanatic
  • Ø20.5mm lens
  • x10 Magnification
  • Advanced lens system for full clarity
  • Enhanced depth of focus
  • Distortion-free, edge-to-edge clarity
  • GemTrue branded lanyard included.
  • Supplied in high end box.

DK16012-200 Diamond Loupe GemTrue - The Loupe- High Grade Edition

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