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DK19007 - Hearts and Arrows Scope with Base

Item No. DK19007 - Hearts and Arrows Scope with Base


Size:65 x 29 x 29mm


Hearts and Arrows is a term used in the diamond industry to refer to a specific pattern of light reflections observed in a well-cut round brilliant diamond. When viewed under certain conditions, a diamond with precise symmetry exhibits eight arrow-shaped facets in its top view and eight heart-shaped facets when viewed from the bottom. This pattern is an indicator of a high-quality cut.


Unrivalled Clarity at 10x Magnification: Experience diamonds like never before. Our scope's 10x magnification unveils the intricate Hearts and Arrows pattern with astounding clarity. Each arrow-shaped facet on top and heart-shaped facet on the bottom reveals the diamond's exceptional symmetry and cut quality.


Seamless Viewing Experience: The GemTrue Hearts and Arrows Scope offers an effortless viewing experience, optimized for both professionals and enthusiasts. Crafted with precision, it's your key to unlocking the true brilliance of diamonds.


Consistent Precision with Fixed Viewing Distance: Our scope boasts an integrated base that ensures a consistent and fixed viewing distance. This innovation guarantees accurate assessments, allowing you to make informed decisions confidently.


Effortless Focusing for Crystal-Clear Views: Say goodbye to frustrating focusing struggles. Our scope's intuitive design guarantees effortless focusing, enabling you to dive into the diamond's world of light and brilliance without distraction.


Elevate Your Brand with Customization: Personalize your Hearts and Arrows scopes to reflect your brand's identity. With the option for colour or logo printing based on a reasonable Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), you can leave a lasting impression on your clients while offering them a tool of unparalleled precision.

DK19007 - Hearts and Arrows Scope with Base

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