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DK19016 - Pink Hearts & Arrows Ideal Scope

Hearts & Arrows Ideal Scope


Allow your customers to have confidence in their diamond by displaying the perfect cut! Using one of GemTrue’s Hearts and Arrows Scopes you can easily demonstrate the perfect cut of a diamond allowing your customers to view a symmetrical pattern of hearts and a pattern of arrows on the table side of a well proportioned ideal cut stone. We provide more than ten types of quality Hearts & Arrows Scopes for your selection. Available in any pantone colour you prefer, each comes with a Diamond holding base for easy viewing. Scopes are supplied with a white or colour box. These make great promotional gifts for your business and we offer a free logo printing service on all scopes which is excellent for advertisement. Free logo printing is subject to a minimum quantity order.


Pink Hearts & Arrows Ideal Scope


Item Number: DK19016


The Ideal Scope is plastic pink coloured reflector that has a viewing hole and lens. It's purposes is to create a structured light environment allowing the user to measure a diamond’s brilliance, this works by showing its light return and light leakage, in relative to its contrast. It also may be used to analyse the optical symmetry of the Arrows cut in a diamond along with minors facets (lower girdle length) of the diamond. The Ideal Scope is a versatile tool which can be used for any diamond’s shape, colour or clarity.


This is not a GemTrue product that we manufacture but that we distribute.  

DK19016 - Pink Hearts & Arrows Ideal Scope

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