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DK19896 Full spectrum Gem Torch

DK19896 Full spectrum Gem Torch


Product size: 146.3x19x15.3mm


  • Full spectrum light source for gems
  • Spare light bulb is included.
  • The power supply: 2x AAA batteries. Not included.


A full spectrum gem torch is a compact tool designed for inspecting gemstones. It emits monochromatic light, providing a consistent light source that's ideal for various gemstone assessments, such as identifying inclusions and analyzing gemstone properties. It's often used with spectroscopes. The torch is designed for easy bulb replacement and includes a spare bulb. Powered by 2x AAA batteries, it's portable for different settings. Gemologists and jewelers rely on it for detailed gemstone evaluation.

DK19896 Full spectrum Gem Torch

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