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DK21620-32 - Suspension Gemstone Box

DK21620-32 - Suspension Gemstone Box


Elevate Your Gemstone Collection with Gemtrue's Suspension Gemstone Box Set.

Gemtrue's Suspension Gemstone Box Set offers the perfect blend of style and functionality, catering to both gemstone enthusiasts and professionals who demand excellence.


Crafted from tough and durable plastic material, these gemstone boxes provide a secure and stylish home for your precious stones. Each box measures 38mm x 38mm x 17mm, ensuring your gems are not only protected but also beautifully presented.


The high-quality tray, constructed from thick card and covered in a durable black paper finish, offers long-lasting protection, and complements the elegance of your gemstones. With 32 boxes neatly organized within the tray, you have the freedom to create a customizable gemstone presentation that suits your preferences.


Invest in Gemtrue's Suspension Gemstone Box Set today and experience the perfect harmony of style, durability, and functionality for your precious gem collection.




Box Size: 38 x 38 x 17mm

32 boxes in a tray

Tray made from thick high-quality card.

Tray covered in high quality durable black paper finish.

Tray size: 378 x 208 x 25mm

Plastic boxes made from tough plastic material.

Memory film is high quality, long lasting and durable.

DK21620-32 - Suspension Gemstone Box

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