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DK21624-L Large Self-Stand Diamond Display Box

Large size it can display big or multiple gemstones.

Black or White finishes with reversible black and white cushion for the box

Item number: DK21624-L

Product size: 87X73X23mm

GemTrue’s Large Self-Stand Diamond Display Box – a sophisticated and versatile solution for showcasing substantial gemstones or multiple precious pieces in one elegant setting. Crafted with precision from high-quality ABS plastic, this display box offers a perfect balance of durability and lightweight design.

The large size of this display box makes it an ideal choice for presenting big gemstones or creating captivating arrangements with multiple treasures. Whether you're a gemstone collector, jeweler, or enthusiast, this display box provides a stunning backdrop to highlight the brilliance of your prized possessions.

Available in black or white color finishes, the Large Self-Stand Diamond Display Box is designed to complement the exquisite beauty of your gemstones. The self-stand feature allows you to showcase your collection at various angles, adding a dynamic element to your display.

Equipped with a reversible cushion in both black and white, this display box ensures that your gems are presented against a backdrop that enhances their unique colors and characteristics. The thoughtful design and attention to detail make this display box a stylish and functional choice for exhibiting your gemstone collection with sophistication and flair.

DK21624-L Large Self-Stand Diamond Display Box

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