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DK21624S-8 Self-standing Gemstone Display Boxes Tray Set

DK21624S-8 Self-standing Gemstone Display Boxes Tray Set


Introducing the DK21624-8N Self-Standing Gemstone Display Box Tray Set, the ultimate choice for showcasing your precious gems and stones. Crafted with utmost care and precision, this tray set offers a range of features designed to enhance your display experience.


With its innovative self-stand feature, this display box allows you to effortlessly showcase your gemstones at various angles, ensuring maximum visibility and appeal. The box is made from high-quality ABS plastic, available in black or white, allowing you to select the color that best complements your gem collection. Its sleek and deluxe finish adds a touch of sophistication to your display, captivating the attention of viewers.


Weighing lightly, this tray set offers portability and convenience, making it ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, and personal collections. To further enhance the elegance of your display, the tray set includes a reversible cushion in black and white, providing a stylish backdrop for your gemstones.

This exquisite tray set consists of 8 boxes, each measuring 73 x 60 x 16mm, providing ample space for your gems to shine. These boxes are securely housed in tray measuring 300 X 222 X 25 mm, ensuring safe storage and easy organization of your precious stones.


Invest in the DK21624-8N Self-Stand Gemstone Display Box Tray Set, and elevate your gemstone showcase to new heights of excellence. Display your collection with confidence, style, and convenience, leaving a lasting impression on admirers and potential customers alike. Order now and experience the perfect synergy of functionality and elegance for your gemstone displays.

DK21624S-8 Self-standing Gemstone Display Boxes Tray Set

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