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DK21669-18 Gemstone Box Set

DK21669-18 Gemstone Box Set


Elevate your gemstone storage experience with the DK21669-18 Gemstone Box Set. Meticulously designed for enthusiasts and professionals, this high-quality plastic gemstone box set redefines organization while preserving the elegance of your cherished gemstones.

Each gemstone box within the DK21669-18 set measures 57 x 37 x 16mm, providing a secure and elegant home for your precious gems. The accompanying tray, with dimensions of 265 x 195 x 16mm, offers organized storage without compromising aesthetics.

Explore uncompromising space solutions with our larger variant, measuring 83 x 59 x 24mm, designed to accommodate larger gems while maintaining the same commitment to quality and elegance.

Experience the craftsmanship behind the DK21669-18 Gemstone Box Set - more than just storage, it's a statement of refinement and purpose. Whether you're a collector or a professional jeweler, this set seamlessly combines organization and aesthetics, ensuring your gemstones are impeccably stored and beautifully displayed.

Crafted for both form and function, the DK21669-18 Gemstone Box Set reflects excellence in gemstone storage. Elevate your collection with a blend of quality, precision, and elegance. Choose DK21669-18 and experience the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality. Order now to redefine your gemstone storage experience.



Gemstone Box Set

Product Size: 58 x 38 x 16mm

18 boxes in a Tray without cover

Tray Size: 265 x 195 x 16mm

We also have this box in a large size 83 x 59 x24mm

DK21669-18 Gemstone Box Set

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