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DK21675-70 Gem Display Boxes in a Luxurious Lockable Carry Case

DK21675-70 Gem Display Boxes in a Luxurious Lockable Carry Case.


Elevate the presentation of your gem collection with our Gem Display Boxes with Deluxe Carry Case. Designed for elegance and convenience, this luxurious lockable carry case is a must-have for every gem enthusiast or professional.


Choose from three captivating options: all black boxes, all white boxes, or a mix of 35 black and white boxes. Tailor your display to your personal style and preferences, creating a visually stunning arrangement that captivates attention.


The deluxe carry case boasts a spacious size of 310mm x 230mm x 60mm, providing ample room to store and transport your gem display boxes securely. Crafted with precision, the high-quality PU leather finish exhibits a sleek and sophisticated appearance, accentuated by exquisite white stitching and chrome locks. This combination of style and durability ensures your gems are not only protected but also showcased in an elegant manner.


Each gem display box is meticulously crafted using premium ABS plastic, ensuring strength and longevity. The box size of 29.5mm x29.5mm x 16mm offers the perfect dimensions to hold and highlight your precious gemstones. Inside, you'll find reversible cushions in both black and white, allowing you to create striking contrasts or harmonious blends to enhance the visual impact of your gems.


To complete your gem display, we offer optional stands that can be tailored to hold one or more boxes, providing a seamless and organized presentation. Let us know your specific requirements, and we'll create a stand that perfectly suits your collection.


If our standard options don't meet your exact requirements, we also offer customization services. Simply email with your specifications, and we'll create a tray, box, or stand that precisely matches your needs. From colors to materials, we can bring your vision to life based on a minimum order amount.




Boxes Material: ABS Plastic

Boxes colour options: All black – All White – Mixed 35 Black and 35 White

Reversible black and white memory foam cushion

Boxes Size: 29.5mm x 29.5mm x 16mm 70 boxes

Case Size: 310mm x 230mm x 60mm

Case Material: Wood covered in high quality PU leather with chrome finish lock.

Total 70 boxes in a lockable case

DK21675-70 Gem Display Boxes in a Luxurious Lockable Carry Case

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