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DK46001-N - Pocket Digital Scales

DK46001-N - Pocket Digital Scales

Introducing Gemtrue's DK46001-N Pocket Digital Scales - the pinnacle of precision and reliability for your business needs. These high-quality scales are tailor-made for diamond dealers, jewelers, and manufacturers, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in all your operations.


At Gemtrue, we prioritize quality, guaranteeing that our scales deliver precise measurements you can trust. With meticulous calibration, the DK46001-N Pocket Digital Scales empower you to make critical decisions with absolute confidence, safeguarding your financial interests.


Designed for ease of use, these scales feature an LCD display with a blue backlight for effortless readability, even in low-light conditions. The digital auto calibration ensures hassle-free and accurate readings every time, streamlining your processes and optimizing your productivity.


Choose your ideal fit from our range of sizes, varying from 100g to 500g, to suit your specific requirements. Embrace efficiency and elevate your business operations with Gemtrue's DK46001-N Pocket Digital Scales - order now and experience the unparalleled precision and reliability that define our commitment to excellence.



Units: g, oz, gn, tl, ozt and carats

Display: LCD display with blue backlight

Auto off: 180 seconds of inactivity

Digital auto calibration

Powered by  2 AAA (batteries not included).

Product size: 139 x 71 x 24mm


Available sizes

Item No: DK46001-N-A 100g x 0.01g

Item No: DK46001-N-B 200g x 0.01g

Item No: DK46001-N-C 300g x 0.01g

Item No: DK46001-N-D 500g x 0.01g

DK46001-N - Pocket Digital Scales

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