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DK46009N - Professional Durable Scales

DK46009N - Professional Durable Scales


Dikai Tools offers high-quality and precise scales that are specifically designed to meet the needs of diamond dealers, jewelers, and manufacturers. Our commitment to quality ensures that our scales are reliable and accurate, providing precision and efficiency to your business operations. Choose Dikai Tools for the best possible tools to safeguard your financial interests and operate your business with confidence.


Professional Durable Scales

Item No: DK46009N-A        20g x 0.01  

Item No: DK46009N-B        50g x 0.01

Product size: 144 x 86 x 50mm


Key Feature:

1.Units: g / oz / gn / ct / t / ozt

2.LCD Size(Blue backlight):375x15.5mm


4.Low battery alarm:LO

5.Platform size: Diameter 32mm(stainless pan included)

DK46009N - Professional Durable Scales

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