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DK57001 - Inscription Microscope

Item No: DK57001 - Inscription Microscope


This Portable and Rechargeable Gemological Microscope with Digital Monitor is a sophisticated and essential tool for professionals in the fields of gemology, jewelry, and mineralogy. Designed with convenience and precision in mind, this microscope is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.


Featuring a powerful LED illumination system, this microscope provides bright, even lighting for clear and accurate observation of gemstones. The digital monitor displays high-resolution images in real-time, ensuring detailed and precise examination of gemstones.


With its rechargeable battery and USB cable, this microscope is fully portable and can be used for extended periods without the need for electrical outlets.


Crafted from high-quality materials, this microscope is built to withstand the demands of professional use, while remaining user-friendly for individuals with varying levels of experience. Whether used in a laboratory or in the field, the Portable and Rechargeable Gemological Microscope with Digital Monitor is a must-have tool for any professional in the industry.




Appearance size :  117mm  (L) X  175mm  (W) X 180mm  (H)

Machine weight :  1.60Kg

Packing size :  220mm  (L)  X  205mm  (W)  X  160mm  (H)

All-up weight :  2.0Kg

Power :  12V 3A

Screen size :  4.3inch   95mm  (L)  X  55mm  (W)

Pixel :  4.3     480*272*RGB

Lens focal length :  10.0mm

Lens aperture :  FIXED

Resolution :  1.3Mega Pixel


Operation flow

1.   Plug in the power supply and turn on the switch power supply.

2.  Put the bare stone on the bare stone, fold the ring on the ring, put it on the ring.

3.  Adjust the up and down rotation buttons so that the object appears on the display screen.

4.  Adjust the focal length knob so that the objects in the display screen are clearly displayed.

5.  Adjust the angle of the light to get the best effect on the display screen.


Electric quantity

1.  When the machine is fully charged, it can be turned on continuously for five to six hours. (The LED shows that it is fully charged when it is green.)

2.  When the indicator light is orange, it means that 50% of the power is left in the machine.

3.  When the indicator light is red, it means that 10% of the power left in the machine is 15%. At this time, it is necessary to plug in the power cord to charge.



Attention Note

1.   Do not collide and squeeze the connection between the screen and the fuselage. otherwise it will easily cause the connecting rod to break.

2.  When moving the machine, do not move the hand-held screen. Move the machine by moving the fuselage with both hands.

3.  The screen can be rotated up to 180 degrees.

4.  Don't touch the camera with your fingers.

5.   When the machine is not in use, it will take some time to charge and discharge the machine.



Please do not take apart the machine without authorization, please contact customer service to open it yourself and bear all the consequences of the damage.

DK57001 - Inscription Microscope

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