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DK59007 - Pearl Gauge

Measuring Gauges and Calipers


Pearl Gauge


GemTrue supply a professional range of the highest quality measuring gauges & calipers to allow you to have accurate appraisals, ease of operation and a life time of performance. All at competitive prices giving you great customer satisfaction. Using a well responsive and well-functioning measuring tool is highly important for all the intricate operations in your work as a professional tradesperson. Choosing GemTrue’s gauges gives you the confidence you require in every calculation you make. GemTrue measuring gauges, the professionals choice for accuracy and ease of use!


Item No: DK59007 


Product Size: 90 x 46 x 15mm

Measures in: 0-20mm in 0.1mm increments


This high quality gauge is specially designed for the precision measurement of pearl sizes. The non-rotating shaft makes it easy for measuring pearls also the delicate girdles and culets of gemstones. It has a locking action to help select uniformly sized pearls. Comes packaged in a quality compact case.

DK59007 - Pearl Gauge

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