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Dk59010 - Digital Thickness Gauge

Dk59010 - Digital Thickness Gauge


DiKai supply a professional range of the highest quality measuring gauges & calipers to allow you to have accurate appraisals, ease of operation and a life time of performance. All at competitive prices giving you great customer satisfaction.Using a well responsive and well functioning measuring tool is highly important for all the intricate operations in your work as a professional tradesperson. Choosing Dikai’s gauges gives you the confidence you require in every calculation you make. Dikai measuring gauges, the professionals choice for accuracy and ease of use!


Item No: DK59010


Digital Thickness Gauge


Product Size:

Measures in: 0-15mm by 0.01mm


This digital thickness gauge is designed to be held easily and operated in one hand leaving your other hand free to handle your stones. The non-rotating shaft makes it safe by reducing the risk of stones dropping out form the gauge. The clear digital display makes reading measurements quick and easy, zero can be set in any position using the zero button, also easily change between millimetres and inches using the interchange button. Ideal for the delicate girdles and culets of gemstones comes complete with 1.55v button cell that lasts 8-12 months, and a compact carrying case. Weighs in g/ct/dwt and gn.

Dk59010 - Digital Thickness Gauge

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