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DK6000 - GemTrue Multi Tester

At a glance…

  • Highly accurate diamond moissanite tester distinguishes natural and manmade stones
  • Check for diamonds and moissanite in a split second
  • 360-degree illuminated tip along with audio tunes provide easy to understand test results
  • Comes with an extremely durable 0.6mm thermoelectric probe


Diamond Moissanite Tester - GemTrue Multi Tester

The GemTrue Multi Tester is our first multi-diamond tester that is capable of distinguishing natural diamonds from manmade moissanite. Although diamond and moissanite are nearly identical, the two substances differ greatly in terms of pricing. This is why it is essential to make sure you’re purchasing a natural diamond and are getting what you are paying for. With the GemTrue Multi Tester, you no longer have to worry about purchasing a manmade stone. This diamond moissanite tester uses thermal electroconductivity to distinguish between natural and manmade diamonds such as moissanite.

Simply place the probe of your diamond tester onto the gem, and your diamond tester pen will tell you instantly whether you’re dealing with diamond, moissanite, or another stone. This gizmo is extremely easy to use and requires no education or training. Thanks to this, it is a great gadget for hobbyists, jewelers, business people, and gemmologists. Your diamond tester pen features a small and lightweight design. This makes it easy to carry along in your pocket, bag, or briefcase. This diamond tester can be carried with you anywhere you go and, thanks to its durable body; you never have to worry about breaking it.

This beautiful moissanite diamond tester pen can be used to test loose gemstones as well as gems used in jewelry. It comes with a built-in metal alert feature that will warn you when you accidentally touch the stone holder or a piece of jewelry while using your diamond tester. Its illuminated band near to the probe lights up in different colors to correspond with the test result. With each color, your diamond tester furthermore makes a different sound. This makes it easy to recognize the test results without needing to look down at the indication panel on the top of the tester. Powered by a 9V battery, this diamond tester brings along hours’ worth of continuous usage time for you to enjoy throughout the day. Thanks to this, you’ll never have to worry again about running out of juice while spending your day outdoors testing stones.



Product Dimensions: 177 x 32 x 25mm (6.96 x 1.25 x 0.98in)
Product Weight: 68g (0.15lb)
Battery Type: 1 x 9v battery
Battery Life: approximately 3 hours of continuous use based on high quality alkaline batteries, continuously using the UV light source will give you approximately 1.5 hours of use
Low Battery Warning: yes
LED Display: yes
Vocal Test Results: yes
Operating Temperature:
Operating temperature: 18°C - 28°C (64°F - 82°F)
Storage temperature: 35°C - 53°C (95°F - 127°F)

Package Content :
1x DK6000 Multi Tester
1x Metal loose stone holder
1x User manual
1x PU leather carrying pouch

DK6000 - GemTrue Multi Tester

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