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DK69108 - Gemtrue V2 Moissanite Tester

At a glance…

  • Find out which of your stones are moissanite with this beautiful tester
  • Durable electro probe delivers spot-on readings
  • Enjoy hours’ worth of usage time thanks to a powerful 9v battery
  • Compact and lightweight design makes your gadget highly portable


GemTrue Moissanite Tester V2


The GemTrue Moissanite Tester V2 features an updated design which is faster and more accurate compared to its predecessor. This little beauty effortlessly lets you find the moissanite among your gemstones. Simply touch your gems with its electric probe, and your moissanite tester pen will instantly inform you whether you’re dealing with manmade moissanite. In case the stone you are testing is moissanite, the LED display of your tester pen will light up. In case it is a natural diamond, CZ, or any other type of gem, nothing will happen. This makes your gizmo perfect for finding out whether you have some moissanite laying hidden among your rocks.

Normally, a moissanite tester is used in combination with a conventional diamond tester pen. Once you have used your diamond tester to find the diamonds among all your rocks, you can use your moissanite tester to separate the natural diamonds from manmade moissanite. After using both gadgets, you can be assured that the gemstones left are precious natural diamonds. If you wish to speed up the process and test for both diamonds and moissanite at the same time, you may want to use a multi-tester such as the GemTrue Experior DK9000.

By using electro conductivity technology, this cheap moissanite tester is able to tell whether your gem is moissanite or something else. Your gadget has been equipped with an extremely durable probe that delivers ultra-fast and precise readings on both loose rocks and stones mounted in jewelry. It furthermore comes with a built-in UV light that lets you check your diamonds for fluorescence. With its 9v cell, your gizmo has enough juice to get through the longest of days without you needing to worry about running out of juice. It furthermore features a lightweight and compact design which makes it easy to carry along to trade shows or on business visits. This moissanite tester comes with its own high-quality case and stone tray to hold your rocks.

Please note that moissanite testers only use electroconductivity. Because of this, they are not able to point out natural diamonds. Instead, they will only tell you when a stone is a moissanite. When the tester comes in contact with a diamond, it will not give any reaction. In order to find natural diamonds, you either need a conventional diamond tester pen or a multi-tester that can differentiate between diamonds, moissanite, CZ, and other sorts of rocks.



Product Dimensions: 165 x 30 x 20mm (6.50 x 1.18 x 0.78in)
Product Weight: 57g (0.13lb)
Battery Type: 1 x 9v battery
Battery Life: approximately 3 hours of continuous use based on high quality alkaline batteries, continuously using the UV light source will give you approximately 1.5 hours of use
Low Battery Warning: yes
LED Display: yes
Vocal Test Results: yes
Operating Temperature:
Operating temperature: 18°C - 28°C (64°F - 82°F)
Storage temperature: 35°C - 53°C (95°F - 127°F)

Package Content :
1x DK69108 Moissanite Tester
1x Metal loose stone holder
1x User manual
1x PU leather carrying pouch

DK69108 - Gemtrue V2 Moissanite Tester

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