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DK8000 - GemTrue Multi Plus

At a glance…

  • British designed and engineered diamond tester for highly accurate readings
  • Tests for diamonds, moissanite, and other stones and simulants such as CZ
  • Illuminated tip and audio tunes for easy usage
  • Comes with an extremely durable 0.6mm thermoelectric probe


GemTrue Multi Plus Diamond Tester Pen

Meet the GemTrue Multi Plus - a revolutionary diamond tester that separates natural diamonds from moissanite and other gemstones instantly. This moissanite diamond tester pen has been reduced in size and weight significantly compared to its predecessors. Thanks to this, it’s a great gizmo to be carried along easily on upcoming business trips or supplier visits. It comes with a 9V battery that treats you to up to 3 hours of continuous usage time. This is enough to get you through a full day of diamond testing without needing to worry about running out of juice. The Multi Plus is one of the latest and most accurate diamond testers in our assortment. With its user-friendly design, this gadget is easy to use for both beginning jewelers and professional gemmologists.

This moissanite diamond tester pen has been fitted with a large illumination panel right over the top of the tester. This panel will light up accordingly to the test results. When the gem you’re testing is an authentic diamond, it will show blue light. If it’s a moissanite, it shows green. And for any other stone including cubic zirconia, it shows red. Additionally, your diamond tester pen also features a metal alert that will inform you when your probe is touching the ring holder or a piece of jewelry. Whenever you accidentally hit the metal, the illumination panel of your gadget will light up in yellow. Besides its colorful test results, it also treats you to audio indications for even easier usage.

The 0.6mm thermoelectrical probe of this diamond tester treats you to highly accurate readings when testing for diamond, moissanite, and stimulants such as CZ. With its 180-degree touch grip, your gadget ensures perfect electrical contact between the user’s fingers and the tester for even more accurate readings. The tester itself features a non-slip rubber body for comfortable usage and great control. It has been designed in such a way that it can be operated smoothly by both right- and left-handed people alike. The diamond moissanite tester itself features fully automatic calibration. It furthermore has a short warm-up time or merely 18 seconds and it lets you test multiple stones in a row without needing to wait in between sessions. With its built-in UV light, the diamond tester treats you to more accuracy on moissanite testing and furthermore offers a great tool for testing diamonds for fluorescence.

This British designed and engineered diamond tester pen has been manufactured in-house to ensure the highest product quality. Both the tester and its probe are extremely durable and well-made. When purchasing one of our GemTrue Multi Plus diamond testers, you’ll now get a stylish carry case, stone holder, and lanyard for free.

DK8000 - GemTrue Multi Plus

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