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DK819 Prong Opening Pliers

A much needed pliers for opening split rings. Just put the “Tooth” jaw between the overlapping split ring and squeeze. The split ring pops open and is ready to be put on a chain, hardness 42 HRC


Size: 125mm


Discover the convenience and efficiency of the DK819 Prong Opening Pliers. Specifically designed for opening split rings, these pliers are a must-have tool for jewelry makers. With a simple squeeze using the "Tooth" jaw, the overlapping split ring effortlessly pops open, allowing you to easily add it to a chain or other jewelry components. With a hardness rating of 42 HRC, these pliers offer durability and longevity.


The DK819 Prong Opening Pliers provide a much-needed solution for split ring opening. Say goodbye to struggling with split rings and risking damage to your jewelry. These pliers simplify the process and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.


Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, the "Tooth" jaw of these pliers is designed to fit between the overlapping split rings. By exerting gentle pressure, the split ring is securely held, allowing you to open it effortlessly without distortion or damage.


The DK819 Prong Opening Pliers are made to withstand regular use. They are constructed with high-quality materials and feature a hardness rating of 42 HRC, ensuring their resilience and durability over time. You can rely on these pliers to provide consistent performance and serve as a reliable tool in your jewelry making endeavors.


Invest in the DK819 Prong Opening Pliers today and streamline your split ring opening process. Save time, effort, and frustration while preserving the integrity of your jewelry pieces. With their practical design and exceptional durability, these pliers are a valuable addition to any jewelry maker's toolkit. Order now and enjoy the convenience of opening split rings with ease!

DK819 Prong Opening Pliers

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