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DK902 - Standard Tool Kit

DK902 - Standard Tool Kit


Dikai is aware that every tradesman likes to keep an individual tool kit therefore we design and make tool kits to meet your unique and personal needs. Just tell us the items that you require then we will make the tool kit to meet all your exact requirements. Cases can be finished in your own choice of PU leather or if you require in real genuine leather we also can make wooden or plastic boxed tool kits. Your logo and company information can be printed or engraved on all the kit cases and boxes for no extra charge. These kits are great for transporting all your tools any where you go, excellent for out of the shop service and give you a very professional image. They also can be used as promotional gifts for your business. Just e-mail us and let us know what you need! Free company details and log printing subject to a minimum quantity order.


Standard Tool Kit

Item No. DK902


Our standard kit is made of PU leather case with EVA inside and contains the following:

Diamond Loupe 10x 20.5mm Triplet

Stone Holder with 4 prongs

Diamond Tweezers

Diamond Cloth

Diamond Shovel

UV Keychain light

DK902 - Standard Tool Kit

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