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DK908 - Professional Jewelers Kit

Professional Jewelers Kit




Unlock Your Professional Potential with GemTrue's Deluxe Diamond Tool Kit

Elevate your craftsmanship with GemTrue's Professional Jewelers Tool Kit, a comprehensive set designed to meet the unique needs of every discerning tradesperson. Our Deluxe Diamond Tool Kit, marked by the item number DK908, encompasses an array of essential tools curated to enhance your precision and efficiency in the world of diamonds and jewelry.


Kit Contents:


  • Refractometer
  • Polariscope with a self-built-in light source
  • Prism Dichroscope
  • Grating Spectroscope
  • Chelsea Filter
  • Diamond Tester
  • Loose Testing Base
  • 20.5mm Triplet 10x Diamond Loupe
  • Diamond Tweezers
  • Pen
  • Gem Box

Tailored to Your Needs:


At GemTrue, we recognize the importance of an individualized toolkit. That's why we offer customization (based on a minimum order amount, please contact us for more information) to meet your unique and personal requirements. Simply let us know the specific items you need, and we'll craft a tool kit that aligns perfectly with your preferences.


Diverse Finish Options:


Choose the finish that resonates with your style. Our tool kits come in your choice of PU leather, genuine leather, wooden, or plastic boxes. The customization doesn't stop there—we offer the option to print or engrave your logo and company information on all kit cases and boxes at no extra charge. (Based on a minimum order amount, please contact us for more information).


Professional Portability:


These tool kits are more than just a collection of instruments; they're a statement of professionalism. Perfect for on-the-go service, these kits are excellent for maintaining your professional image outside the shop. They also serve as exceptional promotional gifts for your business.


Free Branding:


As a testament to our commitment, we offer free company details and logo printing, subject to a minimum quantity order. Contact us for more information on how to make your toolkit a branded extension of your craft.


Step into the realm of professionalism with GemTrue's Deluxe Diamond Tool Kit. Crafted to meet your exact needs, these kits are a symbol of precision, efficiency, and the artistry that defines your trade. Email us today and let us know what you need—your toolkit, your way!

DK908 - Professional Jewelers Kit

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