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DK91006-400 High Quality Gem Refractometer

DK91006-400 High Quality Gem Refractometer


The High-Quality Gem Refractometer is a precision instrument designed for gemstone analysis, it comes with the following features:


Hard CZ Measuring Prism: Equipped with a robust CZ measuring prism for lasting accuracy.

Advanced Optic System: Provides a clear and sharp shadow edge, making it easy to read the scale with precision.


Scale Range: Covers a range of 1.35 to 1.85, suitable for various gemstone refractive index measurements.


Accuracy: Maintains exceptional accuracy with a tolerance of ≦±0.002.


Professional Optical Design: Incorporates professional optical design for reliable performance.

Stainless Steel Table: The stainless steel table is not only durable but also easy to clean for convenience.


Filter: Includes a polarizing filter for enhanced performance.


Refractive Index Liquid: 2ml refractive index Liquid (1.78±0.005) (RI Liquid is not included for all air shipping orders)


External Light Source: Requires an external light source for proper operation.


This gem refractometer is an essential tool for gemstone professionals, offering accuracy and ease of use in gemstone refractive index measurements.

Product size: 93x140x43mm

DK91006-400 High Quality Gem Refractometer

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