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DK91004 - Chelsea Filter

Gemmological  Instrument


At GemTrue we take great care in making sure we are familiar with all the requirements that gemmologists want and need in their equipment. We supply a large range of high quality, functional and affordable gemmological equipment.


Item Number: DK91004  


Chelsea Filter


This filter helps to narrow down the possibilities when identifying certain green, red, and blue stones. When seen through the filter, many natural and synthetic emeralds look red or pink, while other green stones look green. This instrument helps detect dyes in certain gems, like dyed green and blue chalcedony. Our Chelsea Filters are made from high quality materials and finished in any colour of your choice, we also offer free company logo printing which is excellent for advertising. Chelsea Filters with your company logo on them are perfect promotional gifts for your business!

DK91004 - Chelsea Filter

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