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DK91008-A Table Polariscope

Gemmological Instrument


At GemTrue we take great care in making sure we are familiar with all the requirements that gemmologists want and need in their equipment. We supply a large range of high quality, functional and affordable gemmological equipment.


Item No: DK91008A


Table Polariscope


The GemTrue Table Polariscope is made from quality materials with rotating glass polarizing filters at its top and in the base. It has a built-in light and a slit in the base of the unit which allows it to be used as a light source for a Refractometer and other gemological instruments.This Polariscope offers an efficient way of testing single or double refraction, optic character and pleochroism of transparent or translucent gems, either loose or mounted. Optional stone holder and interference sphere can be purchased separately.

DK91008-A Table Polariscope

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