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DK91010 - Gem Torch

Gemmological Instrument


At GemTrue we take great care in making sure we are familiar with all the requirements that gemmologists want and need in their equipment. We supply a large range of high quality, functional and affordable gemmological equipment.


Item No: DK91010


Gem Torch with three different light sources:

White light

Yellow light

365 UV Light

Operate with 1 piece 18650 rechargeable battery

Size : 13.70 x 2.40cm

Weight : 102g


It comes with a battery and battery charger, the torch is packed in a white paper box.


This high quality extremely bright, high resolution light is perfect for shinning through diamonds and colored gemstones to detect cracks and inclusions. It can also be used to show a stone’s brilliance and scintillation. Pocket size and easy to carry anywhere.

DK91010 - Gem Torch

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