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DK91016 - Diamond Lighting Box

Gemmological  Instrument


At GemTrue we take great care in making sure we are familiar with all the requirements that gemmologists want and need in their equipment. We supply a large range of high quality, functional and affordable gemmological equipment.


Item Number: DK91016


Diamond Lighting Box
It contains UV light 395, Short UV light 245, and white LED light.
White: reflected white light, white side light, top white light, and side white light cross cycle.
Flourescence: Long wave UV (365nm), Short wave UV (254nm)




Light source: reflected white light, white side light, 90 degrees intercrossed white light, long wave UV, Short wave UV. 
Lens: diameter 30mm, 10 x magnifications.
Measurement: 95(L) x 65(B) x 52(W) mm.
Power: 5DC V, 0.5A (3.5V Lipo battery, >400mAh).
Weight: 110g net weight.
Power Button
Power switch (press the button for around 2 seconds to turn ON/OFF the power). 
Click the UV or LED for choice of light.




The light of fluorescent tube (254nm) is extremely harmful to the eyes. When the fluorescent light is ON, never look from the bottom. Do not touch it either. The short wave UV will switch off automatically 2 minute after start up.

DK91016 - Diamond Lighting Box

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