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DK931 – All-inclusive Diamond Tool Kit

The GemTrue Professional Jewelers Kit – Top quality tools

Item No. DK931 – All-inclusive Diamond Tool Kit

The GemTrue Professional Jewelers Kit - the ultimate solution for discerning jewelers seeking top-quality tools. This all-inclusive kit offers a comprehensive array of high-performance instruments meticulously curated for precision and accuracy in gemstone evaluation, each tool in this kit is designed to meet the exacting standards of professionals in the industry. Equipped with top-quality tools like the DK10200 GemTrue ARETE and DK9000 Multi Experior Tester, this comprehensive kit ensures accurate testing for all stones, included CZ, Ruby& sapphire, nature diamonds, moissanite, CVD/HPHT, From the DK108A Diamond Shape Master set to the DK91006-300 High Refractometer, this kit empowers jewelers with everything needed for precise gemstone identification and evaluation. Housed in a durable aluminum carry case for portability and convenience, the GemTrue Professional Jewelers Kit sets the standard for excellence in gemstone testing and analysis.


Kit contains:

  • DK10200 GemTrue ARETE, CVD/HPHT, Diamond, Moissanite Pen Tester 
  • DK9000 GemTrue Multi Experior, Diamond and Moissanite Tester
  • DK108A Diamond Shape Master set 
  • DK91007-LED Polariscope with built - in LED Light source
  • DK19894 Desktop Monochromatic Lamp 
  • DK46013 Diamond Scales
  • DK59009-NEW Diamond Gauge
  • DK100 Master Stone Set - CZ colour comparison set. 
  • DK104 Master Stone Set - Diamond Seller Stone Sizes
  • DK16012-200 Diamond Loupe GemTrue - The Loupe- High Grade Edition
  • DK91013 Dichroscope
  • DK705003 Diamond & Jewellery Loupe Triplet 20x 20.5mm Lens
  • DK77008 Standard Ring Mandrel
  • DK08102 Inscription Loupe 20x  
  • DK91006-300 High Refractometer with interior scale
  • DK3401 Diamond Tweezers with Plastic tip
  • DK502A Diamond Holder
  • DK9101 1-200 Grating Spectroscope with adjustable focus
  • Aluminum carry case

DK931 – All-inclusive Diamond Tool Kit

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