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DKSTAND – Diamond or Gemstone Box Tray stand

DKSTAND – Diamond or Gemstone Box Tray stand


Introducing the DKSTAND – a versatile and adjustable Diamond or Gemstone Box Tray Stand. Showcase your precious gemstone collection with style and convenience. Made from high-quality materials, this sleek and modern stand enhances the presentation of your gems. Easily customize the angles to highlight each stone's brilliance. Perfect for jewelry stores, gem exhibitions, and personal collections. Upgrade your display and elevate your gemstone presentation with the DKSTAND. Contact us now for the best gemstone display solution.




DKSTAND01: - A compact folding wire plastic coated tray stand, that allows great flexibility to adjust to any angle or position you require, this is recommend for lighter and smaller tray sets.


DKSTAND02: - A stronger robust tray stand, that with 3 different set angled positions from nearly upright, midway, and laid right back, this is recommend for heavier and larger tray sets.


Available to order when ordering our display trays.

DKSTAND – Diamond or Gemstone Box Tray stand

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